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S.Thomas' College, Bandarawela Oba Constitution


The Association shall be called "S. Thomas' College Bandarawela, Old Boys’ Association" (hereinafter referred to as 'the OBA')


The Objectives of the Association shall be:-

  1. To increase the sense of fellowship among Old Boys, both with one another and with the College.
  2. To promote good works for the benefit of the College.
  3. To afford guidance and encouragement to the younger generation.
  4. To foster and preserve the bonds of unity and fellowship with the Branch Schools and Affiliate Associations.


3.1 Membership of the OBA shall consist of Life Members and Honorary Life Members

3.2. Life Members

(a) Any past student of " S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela", formerly known as "St. Thomas' Preparatory School, Bandarawela " and thereafter known as " St. Thomas' Collegiate School, Bandarawela", (hereinafter collectively called the “School”), who has completed one year of schooling at the said school, is eligible to seek membership upon reaching 19 years of age.

(b) Applicant shall furnish a duly filled application form to the secretary of the OBA, who shall table same at the next earliest possible EXCO meeting for approval and thereafter, confirm the provided details with the college enrolment register, before enrolling in to the OBA membership register

(c) All Life Members shall pay a Life Membership fee of Rs. 2500.00, which will include the cost of the membership card.

3.3 Honorary Life members

Any person, who has rendered dedicated service to the school and / or in fulfilling the objectives of the OBA, could be elected as an honorary life member at the Annual General Meeting of the OBA. Such name shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the OBA, via a nomination made to the EXCO, with a detailed report of the services rendered by the nominee, at least 30 days prior to the AGM. Honorary life members shall be appointed only at the AGM with a vote of 2/3rd majority of the members present.


Patron of the OBA shall be the Warden, S. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia, by virtue of his office.

President of the OBA shall be the Head Master of S. Thomas’ College Bandarawela, by virtue of his office.


(a) Eligibility:

All members of the EXCO, except the President, shall be life members of the OBA

(b) The Executive committee of the OBA shall consist of;

1. President
2. 4 Vice presidents
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Assistant secretary
6. Assistant Treasurer
7. 23 ordinary committee members, elected as per clause 5c

(c) To ensure a broader representation of all age groups, the composition of the 23 ordinary committee members will be made up as follows, with the emphasis on diverse Batches/Classes representing each category;

  • Five (05) members from the 19~30 Year Age Group.
  • Five (05) members from the 31~40 Year Age Group.
  • Five (05) members from the 41~50 Year Age Group.
  • Five (05) members from the 51~60 Year Age Group.
  • Three (03) members from the 60+ Year Age Group.

(d) Any vacancy in the committee shall be filled by the EXCO at its meetings. EXCO should make every effort to adhere to the age category representation in clause [5c] as much as possible in filling such vacancy/ies, subject to clause 8f.

(e) Term of office The term of office of the EXCO will be until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).


6.1 Nomination to the EXCO

(a) Nomination for election to the executive committee shall be called by the Secretary of the OBA at the time of announcing the date of the AGM to the general membership. Nomination shall be furnished by way of a nomination form, which shall include the following;

  • Name of the Nominee
  • Membership Number
  • Contact details of the Nominee
  • Position Nominated
  • Consent of the Nominee
  • Age Group of the Nominee as per above clause 5C
  • Name, Membership Number, Contact details & Signature of the Proposer
  • Name, Membership Number, Contact details & Signature of the Seconder

(b) All nominations shall be received by the secretary 21days prior to the date of the AGM, either by post or any other electronic method of communication, if such methods are detailed by the secretary as methods of receiving nomination.

(c) The secretary shall post a list of all valid nominations in the official website of the OBA, 14 days prior to the AGM. If any nomination is rejected, the Honorary Secretary shall forthwith inform the nominee of the reasons for such rejection.

(d) Any objections to nomination / nominations may be raised by a member up to 3 days prior to the AGM. Such objections shall be informed in writing to the secretary of the OBA, by the member raising the objection with valid reasons for such objection. Nominations that have been objected to, shall be set aside by the secretary and taken up for vote at the AGM.

(e) The posts of Vice President , Secretary and Treasurer can be contested only by members who have served a cumulative period of minimum 3 years in the EXCO in the immediate preceding 7 years subject to clauses 6.1 (d) and 6,1 (f). However, should there be no nominee/s for any such post, who is / are compliant with the above criterion, any other nominee/s is / are eligible to hold office, through a simple majority vote at the AGM.

(f) A member shall seek election to the post of Vice President only for 3 consecutive terms, whereas, posts of Secretary or Treasurer shall only be for 5 consecutive terms. Such member may stand for re-election to such office, after a lapse of one term from ceasing to hold such post. However, such member may seek election to any other position in the EXCO, if the member so desires.

6.2 Election and Voting at the AGM

(a) An election to any post of the executive committee shall be held at the AGM, if there is no nomination or more than one valid nomination to such post. In case of a tie, the president of the OBA or his / her nominee shall exercise the casting vote.

(b) At least two of the following persons, namely the Nominee, the Proposer and the Seconder, shall be present at the AGM.

(c) Voting on any other matter at the AGM, except changes to the constitution, shall be by vote of simple majority of the members present (subject to clause 9 (a)). In case of a tie, the president or his / her nominee at the AGM, shall exercise the casting vote. In the case of changes to the constitution, a 2/3rd majority of the members present (subject to clause 9 (a)), shall be obtained.


a) The President shall:

i) Have power, when he considers, in the highest interest of the OBA so requires, to take any steps necessary, whether in contravention of the rules or otherwise, to ensure the continued existence and proper functioning of the OBA.

ii) Ensure the proper functioning of the OBA EXCO.

iii) Chair the EXCO meetings.

iv) Communicate to the secretary of the OBA in writing, all relevant information pertaining to the functioning of the OBA.

v) Be responsible to communicate in writing, relevant information from the Board of Governors to the secretary of the OBA.

vi) Be responsible for overall coordination of all matters between the EXCO and the school.

vii) Exercise the casting vote when required.

viii) Delegate his duties to Vice Presidents in writing, to chair the Exco meetings, in his absence.

b) Vice presidents shall:

i) Chair the EXCO meetings as delegated by the President on a rotational basis.

ii) Conduct the EXCO meeting as per the proposed agenda, subject to 7(a)(viii).

iii) Call for a vote of the EXCO members present at the meeting if required, in determining a decision, subject to 7(a)(viii). In case of tie in votes, the chair shall exercise the casting vote.

c) Secretary shall:

i) Maintain a Register of all Members information, including the membership numbers.

ii) Co-operate with the staff appointed by the Headmaster on all matters pertaining to and of interest to the OBA.

iii) Be entrusted with all official communications of the OBA.

iv) Be responsible for communicating any relevant information from the Board of Governors, that has been communicated to him / her directly or through the President of the OBA.

v) Update the official website of the association in a timely and accurate manner.

vi) Give Seven (7) days’ Notice of Executive Committee Meetings to the EXCO Members, stating the Agenda in writing.

vii) Communicate and / or Carry out decisions taken by the EXCO.

viii) Maintain the Minutes Book recording the proceedings of all Meetings.

ix) Ensure that the sub-committees submit monthly reports by the 28th of each month, outlining their activities and progress. Secretary should further ensure that each subcommittee submits a comprehensive report one month prior to holding of the AGM.

x) Hold a record of attendance of each EXCO member, including the number of members excused for each EXCO meeting.

xi) Delegate duties to the assistant secretary in his / her absence, in writing.

d) Treasurer shall;

(i) Maintain the Accounts, showing income and disbursements of the OBA.

(ii) Prepare audited accounts in a timely manner for submission to the general membership, at the AGM.

(iii) Post the audited financial statement in the official web site of the OBA.

(iv) Delegate duties to the assistant treasurer in his/her absence, in writing


(a) The administration of the OBA shall be vested with the executive committee.

(b) The EXCO shall meet at least once a month for carrying out the administration of the OBA.

(c) The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy of the EXCO, which may occur during the term of office, subject to clause 5 (a) and 5(c). Such appointments are only valid until the next Annual General Meeting.

(d) The quorum for EXCO meetings shall be seven (7) and any decisions taken by the EXCO without the requisite quorum shall not be recognized by the general membership.

(e) Any Committee Member, who is absent for three (3) consecutive EXCO Meetings, shall cease to hold office.

(f) Decisions at the EXCO shall be by a simple majority vote of the sitting members, subject to clause 8d.

(g) Advisory Committee – EXCO may appoint an advisory committee, consisting of a maximum of 03 persons, during their term of office. Recommendations of the Advisory Committee may be discussed and approved by the EXCO by way of a simple majority vote. Advisory Committee members may attend EXCO meeting, but will have no voting rights.

(h) Thomian Community - The EXCO may invite a representative each from the OBA/OBU EXCO of STC Mt. Lavinia, Gurutalawa and Colpetty to foster better understanding, unity and coordination amongst the Thomian Community.


(a) Date of Notice: There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Association held before 31st of August of every year, where all endeavor will be made to schedule it for the 2nd weekend of that month. At least, forty five (45) days of notice shall be given by the Honorary Secretary for the said Annual general Meeting. The quorum shall be 40 or 5% of the Membership, whichever is lower.

(b) The agenda at the AGM shall include, but not limited to;

i) Adoption of minutes of the previous year’s AGM.

ii) Annual Report of the Honorary Secretary as per Section 9 (c).

iii) Adoption of Annual Accounts Statement duly presented by the Honorary Treasurer as per Section 9 (d).

iv) Headmaster’s report, regarding the progress made by the College during the preceding year.

v) To amend, delete or add any clause of the Constitution, if any.

vi) To elect EXCO members as per Section 6.

vii) To elect Honorary Life Members as per Section 3.3.

viii) To appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year.

ix) To discuss activities planned for the new term/s of office.

x) To discuss any resolution received by the Exco.

(c) Secretary’s report: The Honorary Secretary shall, at the Annual General Meeting submit a report, as approved by the Executive Committee, covering the activities of the OBA for the term. Such report shall include the number of Old Boys on roll and the names of members enrolled during the preceding twelve (12) months. The report must contain the number of EXCO meetings held during the term of office, participation of each EXCO member at each meeting, including the members excused at a meeting.

d) Audited Financial Position

A statement of Accounts, including a financial position and P&L for the year ended 31 March, Audited by a licensed Auditor, duly elected for the purpose at the previous Annual General Meeting and approved by the Executive Committee, shall be presented by the Treasurer for adoption.

(e) Progress report of the school

The Head Master shall provide a report on the progress of the school to the general membership at the AGM.

(f) Amendments

i.) The Constitution of the OBA shall not be altered, amended, repealed, or otherwise changed except at the Annual General Meeting, with thirty (30) days’ prior written notice of any proposal affecting the Constitution being submitted to the Honorary Secretary. Such amendments that are proposed shall be published on the official web site of the association, at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

ii.) All constitutional amendments, once approved, shall be effective immediately after the conclusion of the AGM, at which such amendments were approved.


(a) An extra ordinary general meeting (EGM) shall be summoned by the Secretary to discuss matters of vital importance. The secretary shall call for an EGM on a directive given by the executive committee or a written submission to the secretary, signed by not less than twenty five (25) members of the OBA. The summons shall specify the nature of the business, for which the meeting is summoned and no other business shall be conducted at such meeting.

(b) At least fourteen (14) days’ prior notice in writing of such meeting shall be given to the members.

(c) The quorum for such Extra Ordinary General Meeting shall be seventy five (75).

OBA Constitution
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