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“It is very vital to strengthen the ties which should bind a man to the place where, it is to be hoped,
he has learnt some of the most valuable lessons of his life”

‘Warden Miller’


The beginning

The Old Boys’ Association of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela, then known as St. Thomas Preparatory School, was founded on the 25th of March 1977 by the then Headmaster of the school Mr. S. L. A. Ratnayake.

The primary objectives of the association were to

  1. Increase the sense of fellowship among Old Boys, both with one another and with the College.
  2. Promote good works for the benefit of the College.
  3. Afford guidance and encouragement to the younger generation.
  4. Foster and preserve the bonds of unity and fellowship with the branch schools and affiliate associations.

The following were appointed as the first Office bearers to the Executive committee of Old Boys’ Association.

  • – Rt. Rev. Cyril Abeyanayake – Bishop of Colombo/ Chairman- Board of Governors of S. Thomas’ College
  • - Mr. S.L.A. Ratnayake – By virtue of office as Headmaster of the school.
  • : Mr. L. A. Adithiya, Mr. Ananda Alahakoon
  • : Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe
  • : Mr. Rodney Perera
  • : Mr. P. C. Munasinghe, Mr. P. Gunasena, Mr. G. Jayawardena, Mr. V. P. J. Warapitiya, Mr. I. M. Razeek, Mr. G.A.D. Anandapala, Mr. Nayana Ellepola, Mr. Kavan Perera, Mr. B. Galaboda and Mr. G. Radhakrishnan.
  • – Mr. S. V. Ratnam.

The Revival

Though inaugurated in 1977, the Association became rather inactive after a couple of years due to poor participation and remained so until 1987 when Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe the founder secretary of the OBA took the initiative to reactivate the OBA. He was ably supported by parents who were old boys, members of the staff and old boys living in and around Bandarawela

The following were appointed to the Executive Committee.

  • Mr. D.B. Welikala by virtue of office as Headmaster of the school.
  • : Mr. Mohan Ellawela, Mr. Reggie Joseph.
  • : Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe
  • : Mr. Gamini Jayawardena
  • : Mr. Ajit Pathirana

  • • 1950 -1960 - Mr. G. Radhakrishnan , Mr. G. Kadurugamuwa
    • 1960 - 1965 – Mr. Andrew Taylor, Mr. Bandula Vithanage
    • 1965 - 1975 – Mr. Vasantha Varapitiya, Mr. Roshan Tissera, Mr. V. Sellehewa, Mr. R. Sithambaram
    • 1975 – 1980 – Mr. M. S. Mohideen, Mr. Krishan Perera, Mr. Shen Li

The Association organized the Annual General Meetings and other events until the amalgamation with the Colombo branch in 1992.The Association provided a financial grant to a scout of the college to tour Thailand for a jamboree and further sponsored a visit by a school badminton team from UK in 1990. More events were not possible due to disturbances in the country during the latter part of the eighties.

Mr. R. R. R. Herathge on assuming duties as the Headmaster of the college in 1989 became the 3rd President of the Association.



The Association went through a period of turbulence mainly due to disturbances in the country and lack of participation which brought about the near collapse of the OBA. However Mr. R.R.R. Herathge taking office as Headmaster streamlined the administration by forming the Colombo branch of the OBA in 1990 and subsequently by amalgamating the two bodies and brought about the real transformation of the OBA which grew from strength to strength to what is in existence today.

A resolution to establish the Colombo branch was tabled and passed at the 7th Annual General meeting and as a result the Colombo branch came in to being on the 14th of July 1990.

On the invitation of the then Headmaster Mr. R. R. R. Herathge about 40 old boys convened at St. Thomas Preparatory School, Colpetty to inaugurate the Colombo branch of the S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela Old Boys’ Association.

The following were first office bearers of the Executive committee of the Colombo branch.

  • Mr. R.R.R.Herathge - By virtue of office as Headmaster of the college.
  • : Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe
  • : Mr. Hiran Fernando
  • : Mr. Vasantha Wijesekara

  • Messers Ananda Alahakoon, Manilal De Mel, Christo Gonawela, Subash Kulasena, Mahinda Perera and Roshan Tissera.

The main objective of the formation of the Colombo branch of the OBA was to assist the college in its development, both in academic and extra-curricular activities, so as to ensure that the high standards achieved by the college are maintained. The birth of the Colombo branch localized the OBA activities since majority of the old boys were located in and around Colombo and further ensured continuity of the Thomian spirit and fellowship through social gatherings and fellowships.

The first fellowship dinner was held at Hotel Ceylon Inns on the 8th of December 1990 with the participation of 82 members. This was preceded by a General Council Meeting.



A year after the formation of the Colombo branch, it succeeded in enrolling a total of 154 old boys as members of the Association. The membership fee was Rs. 100/=.

The constitution was drawn up to be in accordance with those of the OBAs of S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavania and Gurutalawa. This was adopted at a subsequent Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The first ever raffle draw was organized and was drawn on the 18th of May 1991 with a 20” colour TV being the first prize. A total of 15 prizes were distributed. The funds generated were utilized to donate all the class prizes at the Annual Price Giving of the college in 1991. Since then OBA contributes a certain amount for the college annual prize giving. Presently it contributes Rs 25,000/= annually for this purpose.



In 1992, it became necessary to amalgamate the parent body with the Colombo branch to ensure better administration. A total of 135 who were members of the parent body were absorbed into the Colombo branch and thus the Colombo branch was transformed and became the parent body. The relevant decisions were taken at the 2nd AGM of the Colombo branch on the 25th of July.

The college celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1992. In view of this a development fund card was launched and funds collected were utilized for the Golden Jubilee celebrations. A car sticker was also printed to mark the Golden Jubilee.

The inaugural OBA members get together was held at The Ceylon Inns, Colombo 6 in August.



The Career Guidance Programme for school leavers was inaugurated in 1993 and the first Chairman was Mr. Upali Panditharatne. The first seminar was conducted on the 30th of October and then was conducted for many years after that and has now become a very important event in the OBA calendar. The objective of the career guidance council of the OBA is to guide the students to choose the right path when they have to decide on a career after leaving school.

A day get together was held at the Aqua Pearl in Moratuwa on the 18th of December.



The first infra structure development project undertaken by the OBA was the renovation of the Peiris Dorm. The OBA renovated the dorm with funds collected from members and fund raising events. The project was completed and the dorm was ceremonially handed over to the college on the 9th of March. Mr. Ananda Alahakoon addressed the gathering on behalf of the OBA. Mr. Lionel Silva declared opened the dorm and Mr. Christo Gonawela unveiled the plaque.

The S. L. A. Ratnayake memorial under 16 All Island Badminton Championship was worked out at the college in April and the trophies were sponsored by the OBA. Mrs. Ratnayake graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Mr. Mohan Ellawela represented the OBA and addressed the gathering at the opening ceremony on the 21st of April.

The first OBA dinner dance “BALL 42”, was held on the 10th of September at the Holiday Inn, Colombo. The event turned out to be very successful as it was able to attract over 200 participants.

A draw of the raffle, which was launched on the 30th of May, was held on this day.


A day get together for members and their families was organized at the CR & FC grounds on the 14th of December 1996. A draw of a raffle too was held on this day.

A members’ get together was held at the Hotel Inter-Continental, Colombo on the 27th of September 1997.

A Career Guidance Seminar was conducted on the 29th of November 1997 at the college and about 150 A/L students were in attendance.



A membership drive along with a get together was held at the Dunhinda Falls Inn, Badulla on the 17th of January. This turned out be a very successful event and a total of 86 new members were enrolled. This is considered to be the single most successful membership drive event ever in the history of the OBA thus far.

The Annual General Meeting cum OBA weekend which was to begin at the college on the 8th of May had to be postponed due to the sudden demise of Mr. Ananda Alahakoon on the 7th of May.

The late Mr. Ananda Alahakoon was an honorary member of the OBA. He was a teacher of the college for over a decade and more importantly an efficient Badminton coach. It was during his tenure, S. Thomas’ College; Bandarawela reached great heights in the game and holds the record for winning 61 titles in just 10 years at the national level. Apart from his services to the college, his services to the OBA were immense. He was a founding member of the OBA in 1977 and then a founding member of the Colombo Branch in 1990. He was the guiding light to the OBA during the formative years of the Colombo branch. As a mark of respect the AGM was held on the 13th of June 1998 without any celebrations

The Headmaster made a request from the OBA to donate of 36 seat bus to the college. The funding was to be done jointly by the OBA and the College. The OBA was compelled to drop this project since the College had to divert the earmarked funds towards the educational reforms introduced by the Education Ministry and the OBA was not in a position to take up this project by itself. Funds collected thus far for this purpose were utilized to setup a computer lab on the request on the Headmaster. However the bus project became a reality many years later.

The OBA donated two new computers with multimedia to the college with the funds collected by the OBA for the bus project.

A Career Guidance Council workshop was conducted at the college on the 7th of November.

A day get together was held on the 14th of November at Palm Village Hotel, Uswetakeliyawa.

A fund raiser project, a raffle, was launched on the 9th of May at the AGM. The raffle was drawn at the day get together on the 14th of November.



A provision was made in 1996 for an old boy from either of the three branch schools at Colpetty,

Gututalawa or Bandarawela to be appointed to the Board of Governors. In the year 2000, Mr. Upali Panditharatne an old boy of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela, and a Vice President of STCB OBA at that time was appointed to the Board of Governors to represent the three branch schools. He was reappointed to the Board of Governors in 2004 and served in that capacity until 2008. He was a founder member of the Colombo branch of the STCB OBA and served in the Executive committee in various capacities until his demise in the year 2010. Mr. Upali Panditharatne had also studied at STC Gurutalawa and Mt. Lavania.

A day get together was held at Aqua Pearl Villa in Moratuwa on the 26th of February.

Two computers were donated to the college in January to commence the computer lab.


Mr. L. A. M. Chandrasekara on being appointed as the headmaster of the College became the 4th President of the STCB OBA.

An OBA members fellowship dinner was held in 2001 at Transasia Hotel and had over 170 participants

The OBA donated Trophies for the S.L.A. Ratnayake Memorial all island under 16 badminton tournaments in 2002.

An OBA members ‘fellowship dinner was held on the 29th of November 2003 at the Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo.

An OBA members’ fellowship dinner was held at the Galle Face Hotel on the 20th of November.2004.

The OBA assisted the college to participate in the inaugural sports quadrangular involving all the four Thomian schools and this was held at STC Mt. Lavania from the 15th to the 17th of October 2004.

Glitter Ball 2005”, the OBA dinner dance was held on the 3rd of December at the Sapphire Ballroom at Hotel Intercontinental Colombo.

The OBA donated cups for the Winners and Runners up for the Ananda Alahakoon U-12 Badminton championship in 2005.

“Glitter Ball 2006” the OBA dinner dance was held on the 24th of November 2006 at the Sapphire Ballroom of Hotel Ceylon Inter Continental.



A new sick room was built funded by the OBA and was ceremonially handed over to the college on the 18th of August. This was declared open by Mr. V. N. Thivakaran the Hony. Secretary of the OBA.

A workshop on “Stress Management” for the OBA members was organized and was held on the 17th of December the Grand Oriental Hotel. This was conducted by Mr. Nanda Dediyagala.

The Bandarawela subcommittee was formed at the AGM. A get together was organized in December at the college and contributions from participants and profits earned from the event were utilized to furnish the sick room.



The Uva Battle of the Blues, the cricket match between S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela and S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa, was played after a lapse of almost 20 years. The encounter was renamed as “Uva Thomian Cricket Encounter” (UTCE).Since then this event was annually held and the OBA subcommittee in Bandarawela plays a vital role in organizing this event together with the school and STC Gurutalawa. This has become a looked forward to event and many old boys from Colombo and other parts of the country join in the celebrations together with the old boys from Bandarawela.


A Peduru Party was held on the 28th of November 2009 at the Mount Lavania beach.

A Peduru Party was held on the 4th of December 2010 at the Women’s International in Colombo 7 with the participation of over 150 members and some with their families. The musical entertainment was provided by Priyankara Perera, an old boy of the college.

A career guidance seminar, for the G.C.E. A/L students, was held at college in November.



The Inaugural cricket six a side tournament was held in March at the BRC grounds in Colombo and since then it too has become an annual event playing an important part in the OBA event calendar. About 20 to 25 batches take part and its carnival atmosphere that prevails during this event.

The Bandarawela subcommittee once again actively participated in organizing the annual UTCE held on the 21st of May at the Bandarawela esplanade.

A family get together was held on the 22nd of October at the Tamil Union Cricket club.

A career planning and guidance seminar for the O/L students and their parents was held at the Keble hall on the 18th of November.


STCB OBA participated in the “THOMIAN FAIR 2011” at STC Mt Lavania by having an Instant photographic stall at the fair in September.



Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe, a prominent old boy of the school and served as a senior member of the staff for many years is representing the branch schools from the year 2012 at the Board of Governors.. Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe is a founder member of the OBA in 1977 and played a vital role in reactivating the OBA in 1987 and further in the formation of the Colombo branch in 1990. He had also studied at S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa. A felicitation ceremony to Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe was held at the Tamil Union sports club.

“FOOTPRINTS”, the first OBA publication, dealing with a collection of memories reminiscing a journey through 70 years was released to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the college. This must read and must have book was promoted by Mr. Mithra Edirisinghe and Ms. Kanthika Abeyasundara. They very generously offered to contribute the entire proceeds towards donating a bus to the college.

Donating a bus to the college which initially looked at in 1998 became a reality, thanks to “FOOTPRINTS”. This 14 year dream came true when the OBA ceremonially handed over the bus to the college at the annual Uva Thomian Cricket Encounter in May.

A family get together was held in April at the Tamil Union Cricket grounds.

A major project undertaken by the OBA was the development of badminton at college. Towards this the OBA first renovated the Keble Hall courts in August.

A badminton coaching camp was facilitated by the OBA in December and the Sri Lankan national coach conducted this at the college. The camp was well attended, an indication that the interest levels were still high even though the standards have dropped so much.

The 2nd Annual OBA cricket sixes was held at the BRC grounds in June. As in the previous year many teams participated and the event was a great success.

The Very Rev. P. Nesakumar on being appointed as the acting Headmaster of the college became the 5th President of the OBA.


A family get together was held at the Tamil Union Cricket Club on the 6th of April.

The cricket sixes was held for the 3rd consecutive year in July at the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic grounds. This time it was held as a Day-Night and a record 23 teams participated. A prominent old boy Air Vice Marshall Kolitha Goonathilake was the Chief Guest.

The OBA family get together was held at the “Light House Galley” in Colombo under the theme “The Way We Were” and recorded a participation of around 275.

The EXCO donated a pair of cricket boots to Mast. Hanska Liyanaarachchi, a promising cricketer of the college who had been selected to the national pool.



On the 8th of March, the OBA presented a stage show “MADAI TOMIYA FACEBOOK GIYA” by Indu Dharmasena at the Lionel Wendt. The show was a total sell out and brought in much needed funds for the badminton project.

A career guidance seminar on IT for the A/L students of the college was organized by the OBA in April and was conducted by the personnel from the UVA Wellassa Open University.

The second phase of the badminton development project, which was the construction of wooden courts at the S. L. A. Ratnayake memorial indoor stadium, was completed and handed over to the college in April. Funds were collected through individual contributions and fund raising events by the OBA. The STC New York City Foundation and the Old Thomians’ Association UK made very generous contributions towards this project.

The Way We Were” the annual OBA family get together was held at the Rock House Army camp banquet in November 2014.

Air Marshall Kolitha Goonathilake, a prominent old boy of the college became the commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force. The OBA held a felicitation ceremony at the Colombo Swimming Club in May to honour him.

“Elements of Drama” a theatre workshop was held for the senior English literary association and the Drama society in June. This was conducted by Ms. Angela Seneviratne who by the way is the only old girl to have served the STCB OBA Executive committee thus far.

Rev. Christopher Balraj on being appointed as the Headmaster of the college became the 6th President of the OBA. This is the first time an old boy of STCB was appointed as the Headmaster of the college.



In January 2015 on the Founder’s Day, a workshop for the college prefects was organized by the OBA and three past prefects, Mr. Viswa Kumarasinghe, Mr. Rumi Reyal and Mr. Dinesh Wijekannan, conducted the programme which was widely appreciated by the college and the participants.

An English Audio Visual Lab was a long felt need of the college. This became a reality when the “Class of 1999”, came forward to assist the college in setting up the Lab by providing all the necessary equipment. The handing over of the equipments took place on the 24th of January, during the college English Day. Mr. Iranga Amilana & Mr. Venura Dissanayake, on behalf of the class of 1999, handed over the equipment to the Headmaster.

A stage show “SERGENTGE NANDAMMA” was staged at the Navarangahala in Colombo on the 07th of March. This was a CSR project of the OBA and about 800 members of the Sri Lanka tri-forces along with the police were afforded the opportunity to enjoy the show. The noteworthy moment of this event was the attendance of many disabled soldiers of the tri-forces.

The annual UVA THOMIAN CRICKET encounter was held at the Bandarawela esplanade on the 16th of May. The Bandarawela Sub Committee assisted the college to organize this event in a very grand scale and the efforts were praised and appreciated by many.


The career guidance committee of the OBA conducted a guidance programme for the A/L students at the Keble Memorial Hall on the 27th of June 2015. The areas covered at this occasion were Banking, Accounting and Finance. Further to this, sessions on Corporate Culture and Organizational Behavior too were conducted.

Mr. Iranga Amilana handled the banking segment and shared his wide experience in the field giving the participants an insight to careers in banking while elaborating on required disciplines in the corporate world.

Mr. Sanjaya Perera handled the Accounting and Finance segment and using over 60 slides enlightened the participants of all the requirements to excel in the field.

Mr. Aravinda Dassanayake spoke at length about Corporate Cultures and Mr. Dinesh Wijekannan linked Organizational Behavior to one’s discipline as students.

The OBA intends to conduct such programmes 3 times a year covering as many industries and professions as possible.

The notable feature of this programme is that the resource personnel are drawn from the Thomian community.


The OBA is assisting the college to set up a GAVEL club (Junior Toastmaster). The introduction programme was conducted along with the Career Guidance Workshop on the 27th of June 2015 by Mr. Shauzli Raheem. As a first step a ten week Youth Leadership Programme is scheduled to be conducted and on completion of this the GAVEL club will be installed. The cost of this programme was fully sponsored by Mr. Aravinth Sivasubramaniam through the OTA - NYC.


The annual OBA cricket sixes, a soft ball cricket tournament was worked out as a day& night event on the 4th of July 2015 at the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic grounds in Colombo under the leadership of Mr. Akila Ellawala for the 5th consecutive year. A total of 20 teams participated under two age categories, Over 35 and Under 35. Batch 1990 emerged champions in the Over 35 category while the Batch 2003 emerged champions of the Under 35 category. It was a carnival atmosphere with a DJ and a Papare band in attendance. Further there was a food stall and a beer corner.


The Dinner Dance was held after a lapse of almost eight years. Themed “In Town Again”, the event was conducted in a very grand scale at the Grand Monarch in Thalawathugoda on the 25th of July. Over 220 guests were in attendance and the event concluded in the wee hours on the 26th. A leading band D-Zone and a DJ were in attendance for music.

This was organized by Mr. Achintha Hewanayake ably assisted by Ms. Angela Seneviratne and Messers Iranga Amilana, G. Parinathan, Jeevaka Muthukuda, Shritharan Suppiah, Rumi Reyal, Rafi Reyal, Vudyananda Sellehewa, A. Jayaseelan and Vino Vigneshahar.

The Annual General Meetings are held at the college during the August college holidays followed by the OBA weekend activities and then the fellowship dinner.

Donating of Chairs for the Keble Hall.

The EXCO coordinated with various batches and individuals and donated a total of 242 Arm Chairs to be used at the Keble Hall at special functions. This project was initially initiated on the 10th of August by Mr. Rafi Reyal and 65 chairs were delivered to the college by the 15th of August in time for the OBA AGM through the contribution of 13 old boys. The balance quantity was delivered in the month of November and various batches and individuals contributed towards this.


The Career Guidance Committee organized and conducted a guidance programme on Career Paths and Opportunities in IT.

The above workshop, the second in the series of industry based career guidance “I have a dream”, was conducted successfully for the A/L students on the 10th of October 2015 at the Keble Memorial Hall from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

The Keynote speakers were Dr. Lochandaka Ranathunga and Mr. Kolitha Gunaratne. It’s noteworthy that both of them are old boys of the college.

While Dr. Lochandaka Ranathunga, the Head of Department IT at the University of Moratuwa handled the Career Paths in IT detailing all higher study options available for those pursuing a career in IT, Mr. Kolitha Gunaratne, a Senior Executive officer at Pearsons detailed the type of job opportunities available in the field of IT.

Career Fair – Conducted by the Nations Trust Bank

The Career Guidance Committee facilitated a Career Fair in collaboration with the Nations Trust Bank on the 14th of October 2016 at the college premises and was attended by well over 100 students. Students were appraised of the requirements and skills needed to pursue a career in Banking. Further tips were given on the preparation of their CVs and also were given tips on facing an interview.

“THE WAY WE WERE – 2015”

This year’s year end annual get together of the Old Boys was held at the BARRACUDA beach restaurant as a beach party on the 30th of November. Over 150 Old Boys, some with their families were in attendance.


A totally revamped website of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela, OBA ( was launched on the 30th of November at “THE WAY WE WERE”


Annual Prefects Workshop

Following the Founder’s day celebrations the annual leadership training workshop for the Senior Prefects was conducted at the Keble Memorial Hall by Mr. Dhakshitha Serasundera.

Presentation of an Award to a student who was placed first in the Badulla district at the 2015 G.C.E. A/Ls

In recognition of the feat of Ravindu Bamunuge, the student who was placed first in the Badulla District at the 2015 A/Ls, a trophy was awarded by the OBA. On behalf of the OBA Mr. Dhakshitha Serasundera made the presentation during the founder’s day general assembly.


“Elements of Drama” a training workshop for the Drama Societies of the Junior, Middle & Senior schools was conducted on the 21st and the 22nd of January By Ms. Angela Seneviratne.


A training workshop was organized by the Career Guidance Committee for the teachers of the college. A few teachers from STCG too attended. The resource person was Dr. Asoka Jinadasa, a most sought out person for such trainings. As per feedbacks received for many participants this was the first time they had ever attended such a program but all the participants were of the view that this was most certainly one of the best training programs they’ve ever attended.


For the first time in the history of both the College and the OBA, STCB participated at the 137th Battle of the Blues with its own identity. The exclusive tent appropriately named “WALDEN” was filled Old Boys who had a gala time in this new atmosphere. A special appreciation goes to Mr. Rosh Jalalge, Mr. G. Parinathan, Mr. G. Murali and Mr. George Kulasekara for their sponsorships towards this historical event.

The Executive Committee meets once a month to discuss various matters regarding the functioning of the OBA. At the Annual General Meetings too, many important matters are discussed and members are elected to the Executive committee for a year. The norm was to propose names at the AGM. However since the 2012 prior nominations are called to fill in the vacancies in the committee and should there be more nominations than the available vacancies a vote is taken at the AGM.

Presidents and Secretaries of the STCB OBA





Mr. S.L.A.Ratnayake

Mr. M. Edirisinghe


Mr. S.L.A.Ratnayake

Mr. M. Edirisinghe


Mr. S.L.A.Ratnayake

Mr. M. Edirisinghe


Mr. D.B.Welikala

Mr. M. Edirisinghe


Mr. D.B.Welikala

Mr. M. Edirisinghe


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. M. Edirisinghe


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. R. Sandanakrishnan


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Colombo – Mr. H.Fernando

Bandarawela – Mr. R.Sandanakrishnan


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Colombo – Mr. H.Fernando

Bandarawela – Mr. R.Sandanakrishnan


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. R.R.R. Herathge

Mr. H.Fernando


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. N.Fernando


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. N.Fernando


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. S.Perera


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. R.Gardiarachchi


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. V.N.Thivakaran


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. V.N.Thivakaran


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. V.N.Thivakaran


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. V.N.Thivakaran


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. V.N.Thivakaran


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. V.N.Thivakaran


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. A.F.M.Farook


Mr. L.A.M.Chandrasekara

Mr. A.F.M. Farook


Rev. P. Nesakumar

Mr. A.F.M. Farook


Rev. C. Balraj

Mr. I.Amilana


Rev. C. Balraj

Mr. I.Amilana

Honorary Life Members

The constitution permits granting of honorary life memberships to those who had rendered an outstanding contribution towards the development of the college. The following have been granted honorary life memberships thus far.

• Mr. Ananda Alahakoon
• Mr. Reggie Joseph
• Mr. M. Razeek

“A man is not dead while his name is still being spoken”

The OBA fondly remembers with gratitude and great respect the following gentlemen, who are not amongst the living now, for the yeoman service rendered to the OBA The contribution each one of them had made to the growth of the STCB OBA is immense and rather difficult to narrate in a few words.

  • Mr. S.L.A. Ratnayake - Founder President of the OBA.
  • Mr. D.B.Welikala - Second President of the OBA
  • Mr. L.A.M. Chandrasekara - Fourth President of the OBA
  • Mr. Ananda Alahakoon - Former member of the OBA Ex-Co
  • Mr. Mohan Ellawela - Former member of the OBA Ex-Co
  • Mr. Upali Panditharatne - Former member of the OBA Ex-co
  • Mr. Rohan Gardiarachchi - Former member of the OBA Ex-Co.

Updated and uploaded in August 2016.